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Until Monchele get married, I will continue to believe it’s PR.

I’m sorry if this offends people, but it is my opinion.

First of all, is it coincidental that once Faberry one the poll, all of the Achele stopped, and Monchele started? I think RIB see’s it as a threat because of the fact that our fanbase is so big.

Secondly, why is the relationship barely starting to blossom? At least in the first season of Glee, there were a lot of Achele interaction that made us believe they were dating. But after 4 years, Lea and Cory are barely starting to fall for each other, during the last half of the season?! Lea said the sex scene with Cory was gross, and she sees him like a brother. Plus, wasn’t it in January were Cory brought over that model? Then suddenly, a month after, they start “dating?”

And finally, I find it suspicious that the amount of PR began to escalate as the season progressed. In Feb, it started with supposed outings. Then, it was the tweets “subtle” tweets to each other and about Finchel (which is obviously PR because Cory said he preferred them separate to keep things interesting) . After, they begun vacationing together, not showing any interest in the photos, then casual dates (in which they looked irritated), then other dates where they looked semi happy, then they begun holding hands, and now that the season finale is about to air, they kiss?! I wouldn’t be surprised if before the new season starts, they are rumored to be engaged.

So yeah, don’t hate me, it’s just my opinion. 

May 17th · 15:13 pm

I can’t wait until season 3 of glee is over…

only because maybe then, Lea and Cory could stop acting like a “couple”

May 16th · 18:39 pm

OMG. Guys,

Lea said last Quinn and Rachel scene “for the season” Which means there will be more next season!

Preferably taken place in nyada or yale ;)

April 30th · 21:40 pm